Charlotte has been involved with many projects as from live events to consultant on film and TV.

The History Channel

Charlotte works with The Historical Dance Society (formally Dolmetsch) and co-ordinates the Summer school. Find info at:

Past event include:

“Kings Presence Chamber” Banqueting House May 8th 2017

A grand celebration hosted by Dr Lucy Worsley. Working with Passamezzo, for one night only a short bespoke extract of a Masque was created and performed to delight, entertain and inform the guests bringing to life the space and using it for what it was intended for.

Love at the Tudor Court” – Hampton Court Palace – February 2017

Part performance, part PaR (practice as research), the famous and favoured dances of Queen Elizabeth I were recreated I fully costume. It was proven a Volta was possible in full Elizabethan wheel farthingale – and looked quite similar to the Penshurst Place portrait of Elizabeth and Dudley! The gentlemen played ‘kick the tassel’ while fighting for the affection of a lady.

MEDIEVAL MUSIC IN THE DALES” – Bolton Castle Sept 2016

Masterminded by the musicians Trouvere, this 3 day festival will celebrate all things pre 1500 –  truly medieval knees-up! As well as the concerts, market and individual performances there will be a range of workshops happening over the weekend. Charlotte will be teaching on the Saturday and Sunday the choreographies of the 13thC Estampie dances from Le Manuscript du Roi. This will the culmination of her MA research. Looking at the issues of authenticity when trying to reconstruct dance form the past, she will offer up different interpretations of 4 of the 8 dances in the original manuscript.

2nd/3rd/4th September 2016

RECREATION NIGHT 1896″ – Southern Pavilion, Worthing

As the grand opening night of the Worthing WOW festival 2016, the Southern Pavilion saw a night of the old and the new fused together. Showcasing a mix of old-time music hall acts and contemporary theatre, this night was special as it was on the anniversary of the night that film was first shown in Worthing.

One of Charlotte’s alter egos – Lili Le Papillion – performed her renowned Skirt dance as part of the evenings entertainment. In the same vein as Loie Fuller and Letty Lind, the skirt dance used yards of material and poles to emulate the swirls of butterfly wings or sails rippling in the breeze. The more ladylike quality of  the movement and costume made it a very popular dance across the classes and on both stage and in the drawing room.

Saturday 28th May 2016

“THE MASQUE OF AUGERS” – The Banqueting House

An AHRC funded project between Historic Royal Palaces, Brunel University and Edinburgh University. Examining the use of digital media in heritage settings and in the re-staging theatrical works from the past, Charlotte is currently consulting on the project and choreographed and workshop production of the entire 1622 Masque (minus the huge set!) under the direction of Gregory Thompson. As ever dependent on funding a further project of re-creating the Masque, potentially with the addition of digital technology, will happen in the future.

Workshop on Tuesday 10th May 2016

WINTER OF DISCONTENT” – The Tower of London

See not just Charlotte’s choreography but see her as she takes on the mantle of Joan the head of the Silk weavers in the Tower of London’ Christmas event. As part of the 5 day celebration set towards the end of the reign of Richard III, Charlotte has reconstructed two of Domenico’s dances from the 1445 Italian manuscript. Verceppe and Anello will be seen twice a day, every day. The day will start with a ‘flash mob’ style dance at the command of the Lord of Misrule and a more contemporary fusion of movement will be seen in the performance of ‘Everyman’ showing twice daily.

27th-31st December 2015


Come and celebrate VJ day and remember further back to WWI. The garden of Westminster Abbey will be brought to life with dances from the two periods. Charlotte will lead workshops for children (and their adults!) in the more familiar Lambeth Walk and Swing dance from WWII but perhaps the lesser known Turkey Trot and Grizzly Bear from WWI.

Summer workshops in August 2015

JANE AUSTEN’S WORTHING” – Georgian room, Chatsworth Hotel, Worthing

A week long festival celebrating the connection the famous writer, Jane Austen, had with the town of Worthing. Charlotte ran Regency dance workshops and called the dance for all to join in the Georgian Concert. Even the town Mayor got up on his feet!

Sunday 31st May 2015

TIMEQUAKE” – Hampton Court Palace

See Charlotte on film teaching dance and (on occasion) in the Cartoon Gallery with King William II, attempting to cheer him up after the death of his wife. Charlotte has recreated 18th century dance to help bring to life this interactive quest for children during half term.

23rd – 31st May 2015 

TUDORS ON TOUR” – Tatton Park

As part of Historic Royal Palaces grand tour of Hampton Court Palace. A joint music and dance project with Keith McGowen working with a local school and U3A ladies group. Both groups will be performing the skills in Tudor music and dance that they have learned at prior workshops

May 2nd-4th 2015

“LOVES WELCOME” – Bolsolver Castle

A  joint project with Brunel University and English Heritage, sees an ambitious re-staging of Ben Johnson’s day of entertainment organised by William Cavendish for King Charles and Queen Henrietta Maria. Over a weekend in July, 400 years since it’s first staging in 1634, come and visit the castle and experience entertainment reserved for Royalty.

26th/27th July 2014

“THE GLORIOUS GEORGES” – Kensington Palace and Hampton Court Palace

As part of the up coming celebration of the accession of George I, wander through the Georgian Apartments of both Palaces and be greeting with films and live performances of dance from the period – reconstructed and taught by Charlotte

From Easter 2014


To celebrate the reopening of the Banqueting House in Whitehall, Historic Royal Palaces are re-intrepreting the Court Masque staged there in 1632 with Queen Henrietta Maria dancing as Divine Beauty.

Launch night July 19th 2013 and running throughout August


Come back to the year 1700 and experience a riot! Alongside disagreements between the Mint workers and the Soldiers there will be dancing and drinking. Charlotte has reconstructed some of Thomas Bray’s dances from 1699 for both show performances and public enjoyment

May 25th, 26th and 27th 2013

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