With a joint honours in Dance and History, a Master of Arts in Dance and Qualified Teacher Status, Charlotte aims to make her dance work interesting, inspiring, accessible and fun.

She graduated from University of Surrey with a degree in Dance and History in 1998 and completed a certificate in acting from RADA in 2002. She qualified as a teacher in 2006 and has taught both History and Performing Arts in secondary schools. She was Head of Drama and Performing Arts in two schools. She has devised schemes of work and delivered workshops from KS1-5 and at Universities and she has consulted and choreographed in countless individual projects for stage and screen.

She has worked extensively in education, site-specific heritage theatre as both performer and choreographer, reconstructing original choreographies from the 15th-20th centuries and producing her own work in the style of a particular period using practice-as-research.

She lives in sunny Sussex by the sea but does travel so get in contact should you want a Ragtime Turkey Trot and Charleston,  Medieval moves, Shakespearean shimmy’s or Georgian galloping!

One thought on “About

  1. Shakespearean shimmies yes! Please could you contact me, Libby Longhurst, 07891792895, longhurstej@aol.com, about our Shoreham Wordfest Shakespeare day, Saturday 23rd April 2022. We would love you to give a talk/demo of Shakespearean era dance. I have tried calling your mobile and emailing you but no reply from you as yet. It would be great to hear from you as soon as possible, best wishes, Libby

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